The Student Council have recently ran elections in 3rd to 6th Class. The children who expressed an interest in being a member of the committee came up with a speech to present to their class.

2017/2018 Student Council Committee


Congratulations to all the children who put their persuasive writing skills to good use. Well done to everyone who expressed an interest.


We set up our Student Council in 2015 with the help of Ms.White.

The aim of the Student Council is to help improve school life for everybody.

The student council is the voice of the students in our school.


Student Council Meetings

The council convenes a meeting at various intervals each term, making recommendations to the school principal after each meeting and recording all recommendations, suggestions, ideas and decisions in the Students Council Minutes Book. A typical meeting lasts for around 20 minutes and involves reading through the suggestions that have been made by other classes in the school in relation to improving the school or organising new events.


Student Council Noticeboard

A Student Council noticeboard has been erected in the school to keep the student body updated on council events and each class has been given a suggestions box to encourage the pupils to put forward their ideas and suggestions as to how to improve the school. All suggestions are recorded in the Students Council Minutes Book. A photo of the Students Council members features on the noticeboard as well as the aims of the council.