The children are participating in a non competitive running iniative.

Each class is running a number of laps everyday.

We are running to Poland. It is 2242km away.

1 lap of the yard/2 laps of the indoor hall = 1km


Week 1 Total: 

Miss Kehoe:  5 laps

Miss Bolger: 11.5 laps

Miss White: 21 laps

Miss Crosbie: 21 laps

Miss Wallce: 33 laps

Mr Wickham: 42 laps

Miss Foley: 34 laps 

Weekly Total : 167.5 

Only 2074.5 more laps to go.

Week 2 Total: 

Miss Kehoe:  4 laps

Miss Bolger: 8 laps

Miss White: 12 laps

Miss Crosbie: 25 laps

Miss Wallce: 42 laps

Mr Wickham: 39 laps

Miss Foley: 6 laps 

Weekly Total : 13

Total: 303.5 laps

Week 3 Total: 

Miss Kehoe:  6 laps

Miss Bolger: 11 laps

Miss White: 20 laps

Miss Crosbie: 21 laps

Miss Wallce: 37 laps

Mr Wickham: 70 laps

Miss Foley: 48 laps 

Weekly Total : 192 laps

Total: 495.5 laps

174.5 left to go!

Well done everyone! Keep up the hard work. 

Week 4 Total: 

Miss Kehoe:  8 laps

Miss Bolger: 10 laps

Miss White: 21 laps

Miss Crosbie: 52 laps

Miss Wallce: 55 laps

Mr Wickham: 85 laps

Miss Foley: 54 laps 

Weekly Total : 285

Only 1461.5 more laps to go.

The children in the school are making progress. Two of our Active Schools Committee members Nessa and Fionn are tallying the laps every day. We have a poster keeping track how we are getting on counting every 100 laps.