These are the 6 strands covered in the Primary P.E. Curriculum throughout your child’s years in primary school.

  • Games
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnasstics
  • Outdoor and Adventure Activities
  • Aquatics

Each Class group receive 1 hour of P.E. per week. 

Each class is taught 5 out of the 6 strands each year.

Children in 2nd/3rd attend aquatics lessons for 8 weeks.

Our priority strand for 2017/2018 was Outdoor and Adventure.


Outdoor and Adventure – Priority Strand

Posters highlighting our priority strand are displayed around the school. 

Children in 4th Class used Photo Star around the school grounds.

4th Class also learned about map symbols.

Children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class did some outdoor activities.

There is posters of words linked to Outdoor and Adventure displayed in the hall. 

We launched our Active Schools Walkway ass part of active schools week. Some of the classes used the resources for Orienteering.




The children performed the Walls of Limerick and the Siege of Ennis as part of the Dance Strand.

The children in 2nd class created dances to Under the Sea. 




Children in 1st class played a variety of games in the school yard.

Children in Junior and Senior Infants tried their hand at some classic games such as Duck Duck Goose and Stuck in the Mud.



Children in 2nd and 3rd class attended 8 week blocks of swimming lessons during the year.