Children in Dansescatle National School receive two outside break every day. (weather permitting)

Children are encouraged to “Do your Talking while your Walking”.

Some interesting information about the benefits of Physical Activity:

A Christmas Activity that you can try at home:

Miss White’s class completed the 12 days of Christmas today.

Dance December:

Two great dances for the children to try out:

Junior Classes:

Senior Classes:


Children from Juniors to 2nd class have got a chance on rainy days to get active at break times in the hall:

Junior, Senior Infants and 1st class visited Play Barn last week as part of a trip to the New Ross Library. The children had great fun and so did the teachers going down the slides.

Great game of snowman assembly relay today in Miss Bolger’s class. Students loved it.

Children participated in a Santa Dash in December. The children ran a number of laps and recieved certificates for their efforts. Well done to everyone who participated. 

Martin, our caretaker was busy over the Christmas period putting in new shelving units in our P.E. cupboard. We are in the process of completing a P.E. Audit of the schools P.E. equipment. 


Look at the transformation now that the Audit is almost complete. Thank you to Miss Meyler for organising the equipment.







The next step of our PE Cupboard was put in place. We are almost finished. 

Other developments to the PE Cupboard. Absolutely delighted with how this has turned out. Special thanks to Breda and Martin for all their hard work. 

The finishing touches were put to the P.E. Cupboard last week,

The children got to use the hula hoops at break time this week. They came up with lots of interesting activities to play.

We participated in our yearly Halloween Walk. All the children dress up and we walk to the local Garda Stataion.

Children in 5th Class participated in an Easter Egg Hunt around the grounds of the school on the 23rd of March. The children had lots of fun and gathered up lots of eggs. 

As part of our Rainy Day Policy we have a school Go Noodle account. All the children get to participate and have fun against the other classes.