Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste is the sixth Green-Schools theme. This maintenance theme enables schools to discover how Green-Schools work has positively influenced people and environments worldwide while revising the previous Litter and Waste theme.

Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste is the sixth theme of the Green-Schools Programme.

What is Global Citizenship?

We all have some idea about what citizenship means but the term can be described in a few different contexts:

  • The first, and most widely accepted, definition is in a political and legal context where ‘citizenship’ is used to explain that someone is a member of a political community or state where the citizen has certain rights and responsibilities that are defined in the laws of this community or state. For example, most of us are citizens of Ireland and, among many other things this means that we have the right to vote and the right to free speech. However, we also have the responsibilities that come with being a citizen, such as the responsibility to pay our taxes and to obey the criminal laws enacted by the government. We are also European and Global citizens.
  • Citizenship does not only refer to our rights and responsibilities that are laid down in law but it is also refers to our social and moral behaviour. As a citizen of a community or state, you are expected to exercise your rights and respect the rights of others and you are encouraged to participate in the improvement of the quality of both political and civic life in your community and/or state. This is often referred to as active citizenship, where direct democratic participation and feelings of responsibility for own community is encouraged.

 Actions & Targets

Actions and targets for Global Citizenship Litter & Waste should be focused around:

  • Raising awareness on how looking after our environment aids people all over the world
  • Promoting and facilitating ‘Active Citizenship’
  • Integrating the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste ethos into your wider Green-Schools programme
  • Making an improvement in the Litter & Waste management in your school

The overall aim of the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste theme is to create a knowledge and understanding about the link between environmental degradation and human rights. Students will learn about sustainable development and will be enabled to examine the world’s interdependency and development in a critical manner in order to create real change by acting locally and effecting a more equitable, just and sustainable world for all.

Useful links

Green School Noticeboard


Danescastle National School Green Code – Global Citizenship- Litter and Waste


From Danescastle to Bannow,

And everywhere in between,

We all work together,

To make our great world more GREEN!


It started in our school,

We worked on every theme,

Energy, travel, litter,

It’s easier than it may seem.


We all work together,

I’m sure you’ll be impressed,

To reduce our waste and energy use,

And show an example to the rest!


Lights switched off, recycling done,

Not a dripping tap to see,

We make sure to look after the birds and bees,

To help biodiversity!


Now it’s time to look at the world,

To see what we can see,

We have so many links round the globe,

In our little community.


How can we help? What can we do?

It’s a challenge for you and me,

I have no doubt we are up to the task,

Global Citizens we will be!