Global Citizenship- Litter and Waste


9.20- 9.30




Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class- Global Citizenship

6th Class Green school Members will go to Ms. Kehoe’s Room

5th Class Green school members will go to Ms. Bolger’s Room


The children will explain what it means to be ‘global’ to the children in the younger classes through reading them a picture book.


If time allows they will also give a refresher on what goes in which bin.


10.00- 10.30


Seed sowing/ planting

4th Class will team up with 2nd class and 3rd class to do a planting session in the classrooms


Green schools members in each room will do the Safefoods interactive game about food called

Taste Buds

Green School members should highlight that local food is better for the environment as we don’t need to use much fuel to transport them to us.

11.00- 12.00


Power Hour

We will turn of all lights, computers and projectors for this power hour.

5th/6th class will go litter picking around the school.


The other classes will have a spring clean of their classrooms, making sure that they have a scrap paper box and doing a refresher of what goes in each bin.


Everyone will take park in the poster competition during this time also.

Poster Competition

Junior and Senior Infants– Colouring Page


1st and 2nd – Design and name a character for the recycling bin to be friends with Dirty Bertie


3rd and 4thPoster themed on Global Citizenship


5th and 6th – Anti –littering poster



Global Links

4th Class will display their projects in the hall. All classes are invited to view projects. Any child with a link to the countries can add their name to the poster with the information about how they are linked to the country written on it.




The Global Goals

Any teachers interested in teaching their class about the Global Goals For sustainable development can use the power-point sent around by Ms. Wallace. Alternatively you can show your class the cartoon series ‘Simon says save the Climate’ which explains some aspects for the global goals.