Rackard League

Boys and girls from 4th to 6th have been playing Rackard League Hurling and Camogie the last number of weeks. 

3rd & 4th Class Blitz 

3rd and 4th class played in a hurling blitz in Horeswood. They played a match against Horeswood. 

Lunch Time 

Mr Breen has been taking children from 3rd to 6th class for hurling and football at lunch times. The children enjoy being active at break times.


G.A.A. Skills

At lunch time over the last few weeks, the children have been practicing football skills with Mr. Breen. Mr. Breen put us into groups. We completed the following activities:

  1. Cross bar challenge
  2. Hand-passing ball between cones
  3. Kicking ball over the bar with right and left foot
  4. Kicking ball between two cones
  5. Technical drills

After a few weeks, Mr. Breen picked one boy and one girl. He picked April O’ Kennedy and myself Cian Cummins. We traveled to Monamilin on the 1st of December to represent our school at the skills competition.

By Cian Cummins

Here are some action shots from Monamolin.